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concrete repair lubbock tx

Concrete repair is challenging as one wrong move will leave you with a permanent imperfection on whatever project you’re working on. If you have any problems regarding concrete work, it’s better to let the professionals handle it. With Concrete Lubbock by your side, you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money, which could happen when doing DIY repairs.

Before we do a concrete repair, we make assessments to fully understand the issue and execute our plans without a hitch. In every job we do, we always take into consideration the cause of a problem and do the necessary preparations to repair any unwanted damage on your concrete, and then we devise a plan to bring it to its original state, if not better. 

Our company’s most requested repairs are concrete driveway repair and concrete sidewalk repair Lubbock TX. When doing such repairs, it’s essential to understand each structure’s components and mechanisms that need repairing. We would then know the best possible steps we need to take in a concrete repair Lubbock TX.

The company can do any repair services if concrete Lubbock is on the line. From concrete driveway repair to concrete sidewalk repair, whatever concrete repair services you need, we can deliver. Concrete Lubbock provides concrete services in Lubbock and will be happy to serve anyone in need of help. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Reach out to us now.


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Concrete Driveway Repair Lubbock TX

We all know how durable concrete is as a material for your home structures when appropriately used, but it may not always be the case. For example, ideally, concrete driveways should last for a lifetime. However, different factors can affect their integrity. In case you have problems with your concrete driveway, rather than ripping off the existing concrete and starting from scratch, choose from among different options you have to save money and bring your concrete driveway back to its old glory. If you aren’t sure about what options you have, it’s best to call the professionals to do the job and solve your concrete problems.

Planning on doing a concrete repair requires considering different factors, such as concrete placement and depth, which are essential. Thermal stress and shrinkage are concerns that may go beyond unacceptable levels. Having only a thin layer applied when repairing concrete may result in spalling. Therefore, it’s essential to use concrete replacement when defects extend or go beyond the concrete structure. However, repair shouldn’t be attempted if a functional deterioration has caused the concrete to fail. Concrete repair Lubbock Texas instead recommends the removal of unsound parts of the concrete. The main point is to remove those frail parts and replace them with a new mixture.

Moreover, when the concrete needs repair, specifically the concrete driveway, it needs cleaning before repair commences. The best possible way to do this is through shot blasting, sandblasting, and other, similar processes of cleaning. However, only the area that’s going to receive new concrete should be sandblasted. After the cleaning process, it’s common for contractors to install reinforcements on the concrete for the patched concrete to sustain itself and to add more security and stability.

To reiterate, knowing the components and causes of damage to a concrete structure is essential because it’s crucial to have the old concrete and the new concrete to have a similar mixture for a more durable fix. This’ll help the concrete withstand the elements of deterioration, such as temperature, moisture, shrinkage, and much more. With our company, you don’t have to worry about all of these as we’ll do everything for you. Call us today to schedule your concrete repair.